Coronavirus the lethal and deadly disease is threatening people



Corona is a new type of virus that leads humans to death. This is because it is a disease that moves easily from animals to people. That is why it is a zoonotic virus. Originally, this epidemy is a class of animal viruses that causes illness. The latter takes on different forms. For example, it may be a simple illness like a cold or cough. Sometimes, the illness can be severe such as MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV.

In fact, researchers found that MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV have not appeared in humans before. They are respiratory syndromes. In fact, there are plenty of animal viruses not yet threatening humans. Once they are transmitted to humans, they cause fatal death to the majority of people. This is because it always takes scientists a huge time to find a potent medication.

What are corona’s lethal symptoms?

Many symptoms can be real signs of Coronavirus infection. First, respiratory infections can be a real symptom of corona disease. Also, short breath, fever, and cold are other signs of this infection.

In ordinary cases, corona only causes respiratory problems; whereas in severe cases, it causes death, kidney failure, and pneumonia. However, sometimes, cough or fever is not always an indication of this lethal illness.

Precautions to keep ourselves away from the lethal disease: corona

According to the World Health Organization, there are a number of precautions that we have to follow. First, when you cough, you must cover your mouth. Second, when you are about to eat, you should wash your hands. Third, when you are to prepare meat or eggs, you have to sterilize your hands. Fourth, we should avoid for the moment any contact with wild animals until a new drug is discovered. Finally, you have to keep yourself aloof from anyone showing the aforesaid symptoms.

According to this World Health Organization, thirteen African countries are subject to this infection at the end of January 2020: Tanzania; Cote d’Ivoire; Ethiopia; Ghana; the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Nigeria; Mauritius; Kenya; South Africa; Zambia; Uganda; and Angola. This is because these countries have direct contact with China through traveling.

Medications to overcome the deadly disease: corona

Up to now, there is no approval of any effective drug to this lethal and deadly disease. However, a hospital in China has combined two components and used them in a trial. In fact, some MERS patients underwent this therapy in Saudi Arabia. The trial has proved efficacy in combating the illness.

The two antiviral factors belong to a class of drugs. The scientific name of this medication is protease inhibitors. These ones block the enzyme responsible for virus replication. Many companies sell these drugs under the brand: Kaletra and Aluvia. One should take precautions against corona lethal and deadly disease.

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